I know I am always banging on about how good Lindsay Bareham’s cookbooks are – but yet again tonight she has come up trumps. From her book A Wolf In The Kitchen, which I was a bit sniffy about cos its a student cookbook really*, comes broccoli with chilli.

Chop up a head of broccoli – boil for about five minutes until tender. In the meantime smash a clove of garlic with some salt. Add four chopped anchovies and a slug of lemon juice. A dessertspoon of the broccoli water with another slug of olive oil (can be from the broccoli can) and a sliced red chilli or some chilli flakes. Turn the latter into a lumpy vinaigrette and dress the broccoli with it. I cannot describe how great this is. Just do it. Ten minutes and you are in heaven. Especially if you use too many chillis.

*Of course the fact I work with students and still live a student lifestyle is neither here nor their.