Because all bets are off in a kids film, the outcome can be more outrageous, whether for good or bad. It’s the free-hand to go that bit further than the adults would stand that can produce a GAINT gem or a GIANT turd.

The end of the FIRST (gulp) Pokemon Movie stunned me and had me in fits. FIrst off the CLIMACTIC FIGHT, then the SACRIFICE and RESURRECTION.

This is between a small pink cat that sort of floats about and has a vocabulary of one word “mew”, and a SUPER MUTANT HUMANOID GONZO-PSYCHIC cat that speaks in a BOOMING GROWL of a voice, and says all the great BAD GUY things like “Foolish humans, you cannot stand in my way!!!!!”. So in the “fight banter” you have “WHY DO YOU CARE FOR THESE INSIGNIFICANT CREATURES – THEY ARE THE PAST, WE ARE THE FUTURE. JOIN ME AND WE SHALL CRUSH THEM… OR DIE!!!” which is trumped with a teeny “mew”.


Ash, the human “hero” rushes in “Can’t well all live together?” style, and is killed OMG. All the pokemon cry at the loss and THEIR TEARS BRING HIM BACK TO LIFE.