Or indeed the face of Elvis burnt into a deBrevilled Toasted Sandwich. Perhaps even the name of Jehovah in the seeds of an aubergine. The commonplace occurrence of this phenomenon has never been explained, but used as definitive proof of God’s existence. After all, how better to prove to his followers that he exists than to keep hinting via the medium of food.

Sceptics would point out much of the following

  1. We don’t actually know what Jesus looked like to recognise him
  2. It is just the coincidence of the burning of toast
  3. Surely there are better ways of proving your existence than spoiling perfectly good toast.

All good arguments, but none convincing enough to disprove the fundamental fact that it keeps happening. What is more disturbing is that people these days try to sell it on eBay.

Even forgetting the logistics of selling a piece of bread more than a week old*, this is unfortunate. After all the major tenet of the Catholic Church is transubstantiation of the communion wafer into the physical body of Christ. If Catholics have no problem noshing down on his body, why would they baulk are chomping into his face. Surely one would expect this phenomenon to occur just so that people can get their fix of Jesus in a number of other tasty flavours. Wafer does get dull after a while: why not smear a bit of marmite on his mug and eating more tasty Jesus toast. It is not meant to be saved, sold or worshiped – Jesus toast is for eating.

*And one can’t even suggest that the mouldy rotting piece of toast resembled Jesus in the grave, considering.