or: the beast of hackney revisited

at the weekend i got an exciting couple of emails from a Mr GEOFF C. in ref. my “three skinned bears” blog7-post of august last year. With his permission, I reproduce an extract (my emphases):

“Hi. It seems the weirdness is back visiting the marshes again. Have you read about the crocodile seen in the river recently? Also, there are a few other odd events in the area that you may not yet know of. Firstly, a small UFO crashed into the river in 1957. Apparently it was seen by a bus driver and a policeman. The second event was in about 1975 or 76. Three youths came across a large number of skinned big cats (tigers pumas and lions) in the marshes just west of the low railway bridge at the end of Coppermill Lane. I remember this event very well as I was one of the three youths…”