i dreamt i wz at glasto!!

we all (inc. me tom and al ewing) wandered disconsolately round this vast huge darkened building, looking for some idea of who might be playing where – it was dank, the floor was ordinary outside-style earth, in hummocks and mounds, and no one had a programme or anything; there was very little light

groups of ppl sat in chairs waiting, but there was no sound or sign of music anywhere – i wandered away down some concrete paths with wire-netting fences and discovered that what music there was was goin on underground, in bunkers – it wz all acoustic, and the actual only “stage” i discovered wz doin a BILLY BRAGG AMATEUR TRIBUTE NIGHT

so i wandered away from this also (!) and realised i wz bein followed by a sinister fellow in a hat – he came up threateningly and asked for my mobile – i showed him how ancient and uncool it was, but he still grabbed at it – i clutched it and ran away – some distance off i stopped and turned to see if he was following – he wz right behind me and took a vicious swing at me… at which point i woke up

when i went back to sleep again i dreamt i was being beaten up by STEVE M

EH: 1. this is quite an accurate portrayal of the Glasto experience in many ways
TE: This sounds like a Dissensus dream festival! (maybe excepting the Billy Bragg)
ND: This is the kind of dream I have. Mark, have you ever been to the non-dream-world Glastonbury?

ps i have never been to glasto and never shall