i passed a comical young fellow, all hat and badges and incipient bumfluff not-yet-a-moustache, standing in angel on the way to work – he looked quite stressed and lonely, so i guess the polls look bad for his party this year

yes yes the rich web of democracy, the right to vote = the right to vote stupidly blah blah, when PR arrives the MRLP will at at get their due and their deserts, but i have always detested em for a good solid cultural snob’s reason: ADDING NOTHING TO SOMEONE ELSE’S JOKE!!!

was it funny the first time? possibly
does repetition make jokes funnier? of course, but there is a colin hunt factor also
isn’t colin hunt entitled to vote? yes he is, but when oh when will the Anorak Nation awake and realise who they COULD be?

“like saddoes after slumber in unvanquishable number”