It strikes me that my demographic is not what is traditionally thought of as a floating voter. Floating voters are of course so named because most parties would like to subject them to a ducking stool test where the only RIGHT answer is to vote for US. But the traditional idea of the floating voter is someone who isn’t sure about the issues, is trying to work out what’s in it for them, stuff like that. It is almost seen as an insult I think to not have already made your mind up months ago. Which is why I and my flatmates feel a bit left out that we haven’t been canvassed. If I was I would say that Labour have annoyed me intensely and I fancy giving the Lib Dems another whirl .But on the other hand I do really like our Rebel MP (he’s Street Tuff) Jeremy Corbin and wouldn’t want to punish him directly for his parties errors. Oh, and its a pretty safe seat. But we are a flat of floaters.

To end such horrific stereotyping, and to feel part of the cut’n’thrust we proposed to join the band of people putting posters in their windows. But not for us the red of Labour or the yellowy-orange of the Lib Dems. We have proudly put a sign in the window saying “FLOATING VOTERS”. This probably reads “GIVE ME JUNK-MAIL” to the canvassers, but if it attracts their attention then so be it.

Actually it probably reads “GRANNY WHO WANTS LIFT TO THE SHOPS” to the canvassers but that’s their look out.