Ever since the “What’s on George Bush’s iPod” story a week or so ago, various papers have carried out mini surveys of other politicians and their musical predilections. This harks back to earlier stories you may recall from around conference time where some MP or another said they loved (the) Scissor Sisters, and so on. Well that Scissor Sisters lovin man was (gorgeous, pouting) Liam Fox co-chairman of the Tory party.

That link is from today’s Guardian* and a wider survey of MPs musical taste, which has little to surprise you. After all these are OLD people of course, granddad. Bob Dylan is the most cited – Gorgeous George Galloway being the biggest Dylan bore in the world it would seem (to nobody’s great surprise). Bowie crops up a few times – which is nice – including with our Liam:

“My favourite album of all time is Bowie’s Station to Station.” he says before the Guardian journo reports his love for Roxy Music, Soft Cell, Kate Bush, Ultravox and Visage”.

Liam – May 5th. If you’ve nothing better to do, you are welcome at our club. Only 2 quid for hard-working families – good value-for-money for Britain’s tax payers.

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