My second reason: 2) To watch rubbish films that even I refused to see in the cinema, often to uncover the odd under-rated gem (and improve my already obsessive completist MENTALITY).

Okay, the obsessive bit is possibly a bit frightening, as I have recently got into the habit of waking up two hours early (ie about 6am) to watch a movie. Since a lot of these films are rubbish, I can skip bits, finish early or even thrown the CD against the wall in disgust. Here are some of the films I have seen in this mode:

Beyond The Sea: A real actual proper honest to god musical (YAY!) with dance numbers (YAY!) directed and staring Kevin Spacey (Slightly less YAY!) playing Bobby Darin, a man twenty years younger than himself (YAY!’s drifting away) which meanders, and tells the story of a rather mundane life (YAY!’s all gone).

Cellular: Improbable tale of a mobile phones saving the day. The mobile phones in question however do things real mobile phones don’t do. As ddo the heroes. Still Kim Basinger is good in it, and its the kind of no-brain action film that is eminently watchable at midnight on BBC1. Bill H.Macy saves the day which is a GOOD THING.

She Hate Me: I have seen every Spike Lee film. I wish I hadn’t. She Hate Me, with its poor animated sperm and “hey all lesbians want a bit of cock” storyline is a terrible movie. It is like a less focused Bamboozled. I KNOW!

Human Nature: Oh, that’s why it didn’t get a theatrical release. The mice are funny. Hairy women less so. Nice to see what happens when the Charlie Kaufmann lightning doesn’t strike.

16 Years Of Alcohol: already slagged off elsewhere.

Conclusion: two of these films are terrible, the rest are watchable and better than some films I have seen in the cinema. Pleased to plug up the holes in my viewing. Less likely to see badly reviewed crap in the cinema. SCORE!