On Saturday April 10th 1992, The Guardian published a results special. It had a full page Steve Bell cartoon that remains the most powerful piece of cartoonery I’ve ever seen. I’m no big fan, and get slightly annoyed by the Bell-love if truth be told, but this one hit the spot.

It had an almost obscene pile up of animals, gargoyles and Tory cabinet Ministers, who’d stretched a song across the various lines of their tower of filth and sleaze.

We tax you
We sacks you
We sicken
We thicken you
We madden you
We sadden you
We’re outrageous

And at the bottom, John Major peering our of bin, bearing the words

But you still vote for us

It had it all – my disgust with the government, my despair at the result, and my anger at the 14M people who’d only bloody gone and done it.

I kept it and used to look at it regularly, until it was part of a set of personal affects stolen in 1996. I’ve since tried the great god google, but no luck. If anyone has a copy, or knows of where I can easily get one, I’ll be grateful if you’d let me know.

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