My preferred spelling of ‘love,’ I think, because it sounds off, and therefore either soppy or stupid or fun or some combination of the same.

My emotional life is something I’ve kept more to myself over time, and I admit the regrets and self-condemnations (and sometimes even the petty jealousies over those I know who have found the right balance where I have not — the part about it all I like the least, because it means I’m pointlessly angry over someone else being happy) are not what I would call something to share except with those that are dear close friends, of more patience than I.

But lurv, that feeling of warm trip-over-yourself affection…that’s a beauty, that’s good fun. Can happen in a moment or you can realize it over time and when it all clicks, what a treat it is. It’s not the only thing about what love in general can mean, of course, but darn it’s a nice vibe. :-)