aka: The Ewok Adventure aka CARAVAN OF COURAGE.

Y’see in the States this was a TV spesh. In the UK it was emblazoned across cinemas as a surprisingly unwanted follow up to star wars’ least favourite characters. It is a bit like Raiders Of The Lost Ark having the Nazi Special as a sequel. The US TV showing apparently has a place in many peoples hearts as magical Christmas explanation about the meaning of love, honour and courage. In the UK most memories are linked with a freezing February bank holiday and coming out having been twee-d to death.

I always liked the title Caravan Of Courage though. Summer holidays as a youth were spent down at my grandparents’ caravan near Seaford and such holidays were often a mixture of giddy excitement and fear – especially the late night trips to the isolated toilet blocks where rabid dogs were rumoured to attack. That was a real Caravan Of Courage, and as far as I could see – some Ewoks making a flying machine was barely courageous at all.