Yesterday I started sneezing. Fair enough, I have a cold after all. But every time I start sneezing I always remember those poor children who would appear on Record Breakers having sneezed uncontrollably for weeks, months or even years. How could they bear it? How had they not gone mad? The thought that a sneeze might not be an isolated event but might instead be the first of an endless uncontrollable series frightened me greatly. Even worse were hiccups – someone was featured on the show having hiccuped for three years. I felt ropey after twenty minutes hiccuping, how would I feel after a thousand days of it? I’m no longer scared of not being able to stop hiccuping, but the mental echo of that childhood fear remains, a little ‘what if -?’ reflex.

This month Blog Seven is all about fear. The writers’ fears, other people’s fears, the fears we enjoy and the ones we don’t. If you think this is because October finds the nights drawing in and ends with Hallowe’en (not scary) you’d be quite right. Hope you like it.