NOT FOR THE NERVOUS! – lavish website devoted to Scream!, IPC’s 80s attempt at a weekly British horror comic. I did not buy Scream as I thought (wrongly I suspect) it might be frightening: I was a timid child. The comic only lasted fifteen issues – I don’t know whether low sales, strikes at IPC or disapproving parents forced its demise. It was a slightly confused creature, never sure whether it wanted to be actually frightening or comically gruesome (an editor called ‘Ghastly McNasty’ set the tone). The horror in Scream was very much in a Hammer style – human sacrifices, leering skulls and people crying “Ye Gods!” abounded.

Plenty of its stories are online here – including the two I remember best, which found their way into Eagle weekly when the comics merged. Monster! was tremendously boring and its robust portrayal of a deformed person as a crazed brute would probably not pass without comment today (nor could you get away now with having your stories introduced by ‘The Leper’). Much better was The Thirteenth Floor, a rather original series about a super-intelligent computer who managed an office block and who would hypnotise bad sorts and then make them experience their worst fears. The victims were generally 80s bogeymen – taxmen and yobboes. Worth a look.