What is Blog 7? This month it is a Blog about London. Next month it is a blog about travel. And October? Well you will have to wait and see. The urge behind Blog 7 was simple, there are subjects that the FreakyTrigger writers want to write about which do not quite fit in the other blogs. They also don’t really justify a blog of their own. So how about a monthly blog, one which – like some stolen super spaceship – roams around the Universe of topics having glorious adventures.

Alright, someone when pissed said Blog 7 and the joke to the ridiculous sci-fi TV childen in us had to go for it.

So this month it is all about London. And if you want to contribute then send us a line on freakytrigger@gmail.com. London, the 242 most used word in the world according to Wordcount, and conicidentally this is the highest placement for any city or place on that list.