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10 Years Of Freaky Trigger: Dec 99 – Feb 00
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Between the last post in this series and this one, the actual 10th anniversary of Freaky Trigger has been and gone. There’s something sadly typical in that, I think.
As ever, if you’d like to simply read the old articles I’ve select[…]

10 Years Of Freaky Trigger: September-November 1999
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More excavations from the Freaky Trigger archives. If you find the commentary too self-indulgent you can simply enjoy the pieces by clicking on the link at the top right of this page!
My list of the “Top 100 Singles Of The 90s” started as[…]


10 Years Of Freaky Trigger: June-August 1999
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Three more links from the past…. (the just-the-content version is here)
June 1999: Let’s Just Say That Sometimes ? > ! – naturally, having decided to establish Freaky Trigger as a trailblazing website about modern pop, one of the fi[…]

10 Years Of Freaky Trigger: March-May 1999
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Three more links from the past – two of them never before reprinted! (possibly with good reason) If you want just the content and none of my reminiscing, go here. (more…)[…]


10 Years Of Freaky Trigger: March 1999
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Freaky Trigger is ten years old this March. We’re going to have a few things celebrating that fact – some kind of party, some other bits of special content – but this is also a really good opportunity for me to revisit some of the s[…]

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