The best bit about Christmas specials is the sugar-coated MORAL at the end of the story where the authority figures remind the children that the holidays are about Giving and Sharing and Not Hitting Your Brother.

But what if your brother was a superhero from another dimension? And he had to fight this?
Skeletor Santa

The He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special hand-waves over the fact that Christmas doesn’t actually exist on the twins’ home planet of Eternia by a) ‘reminding’ us that their Mum is human and b) ‘accidentally’ zapping in some Earth children for bonus empathy points. Sample dialogue:

He-Mum: These birthday celebrations totally remind me of CHRISTMAS!
She-Dad: Christmas? What’s that? An Earth holiday?
He-Mum: A VERY SPECIAL Earth holiday!
She-Dad: Does that mean more booze than usual?

He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special (Youtube link if the embed doesn’t work)

She-Ra gets most of the action in the episode, buggering off halfway through to a completely different planet where she fights some tentacle monster or other and then escaping from some robots. But most surprising is that Skeletor’s icy Scroogey heart ends up MELTING when he ends up looking after the Earth moppets viz. protecting them from an evil Yeti! The holidays do bring out the best in some people!