I’ve seen 68 films this year and have written about 3 of them. Lets see if I can catch up

3: Source Code (cinema)

source-code-movie-poster*Source Code is a very confident confection of idiocy. Duncan Jones has hit what works (make a modern sci-fi film with a grab bag raid of seventies stylings) and from the stabbing Bernard Hermann-esque chords over the VISIT CHICAGO intro you are thrown into this nonsense head on. And like any good liar, Jones understands there is the moment, the nonsense premise moment, when your entire film can be destroyed. Here the Groundhog Day meets Deja Vu plot is explained in one simple line: “Quantum calculus, slight electrical brainwave activity after death – every second we explain it to you we waste valuable time!”** Delivered straight faced and then back into the action.

Source Code is one of those timey-wimey (not timey-wimey) films which are wholly consistent within themselves, since all they need to be consistent with is “Quantum calculus, slight electrical brainwave activity after death”. Very little of it stands up as something that makes sense unless you consider that these are the actions of a befuddled, slightly brain dead person. But its entertaining, tight, intelligent when its not being dumb and – and –

I’m sorry. I cannot get over the brief moment where there appeared to be a Dunkin Donuts concession on the double decker commuter train. I do not know if Dunkin Donuts has such concessions on commuter trains, though bear in mind that I don’t think I have ever seen a buffet carriage on a suburban commuter train anywhere this stood out. I have used an Amtrak Dining Car in my time, wnich might have pimped Budwiser heavily, but a Donut concession on the train. Its possible. But more far-fetched that the ending of Source Code (an ending which requires an excellent Vera Farmiga to sell, which she does despite its shonkiness).

*I don’t think this is an official poster, but its nicer than the real ones. I found it here:
**Line may not be accurate, sentiment is.