Of course it is difficult to think up plot twists. That is why they are twists. And the more heist movies you see, the harder it will be to think of something original. Inside Man clearly has this problem, and even alludes to it in the key discussion between Clive Owen’s appallingly accented heistist and Denzel Washington’s stupidly hatted cop. “We’ve all seen Dog Day Afternoon.” gets said, as an explanation as to why his gang won’t shoot their way out.

Yes, but have you all seen Quick Change? Because 50% of this smart heist movie uses the same plot. But isn’t (quite) as funny as Bill Murray’s film. Okay, Owen’s doing a rubbish US accent pretending to be an Arab is a bit funny. As is the truth about Captain Von Trapp, pwned as a Nazi Collaborator. Good to see that Chiwetel Ejiofor is pushing the award for the hardest working man in cinema at the moment as well.