For some time I had heard rumour of Channel Four dipping their toes back into the Breakfast TV market. I had even been telling people about it happening without realising IT HAD ALREADY STARTED. And my general prediction about it was correct. Morning Glory is a Dermot O’Leary helmed breakfast show which is a kind of UK Little Brother. However unlike standard breakfast TV shows, it has not pretence at rolling magazine goodness, it is just a daily half hour shot of celebness. A low impact chatshow if you will. And is on at the probably not earth shatteringly useful time of 8:30am (fine for me, but I know I get into work a bit later than others).

So will this stealth programming continue? It currently slots in nicely around Celebrity Big Brother shows, but when they go, will it be extended? Will they feel the need to add news, thus turning it into something resembling RI:SE in its final days? All I know is, nobody is talking about it – which maybe the best thing for it (nice Jessica Stevenson appearance this morning though).

Okay, Kings Lynn Today is talking about it, in conjunction with CAR PARK NEWS.