Peter Sarsgaard and Stellan Skarsgård are not related.

I know, it makes it really difficult to make glib comparisons (where none are appropriate) between their acting. And watching Jarhead at the weekend I realised just how many Peter Sarsgaard movies I have seen in the last couple of years. Normally I like him, and his movies, he slots in the soft indie sensibility where his slightly disconcerting voice can mark him out as neither completely sympathetic or completely disturbing. Great in Kinsey, good in Jarhead, manages the twist in Skeleton Key well, and even going back to an arthouse porno like The Center Of The World he impresses. His only real dud is Flightplan, and since that film has DUD written down it like a stick of rock, it is not completely his fault.

Or is it? Quote from Pete:

“When people say, ‘The movie sucked, but you didn’t; that means you didn’t swing hard enough. You bunted. If the movie goes down, I want to go down with it.”

Well, you went down in Flightplan, well done. I also think I can add him to my list of celebrities I look a bit like.