I don’t know what the response rate is to Bodyform’s latest hard hitting billboard campaign. “1 IN 5 WOMEN ARE LET DOWN EVERY MONTH BY THEIR SANITARY PROTECTION”. It seems like a rallying call nevertheless, and one which may make people consider Bodyform more than any advert since the Whoa Bodyform ones.

However the poster has small print. “Study down on French Women between 2001-2005”.

Now we know that nationally people are very different. Just look at those violent Hungarian girls. So is this as applicable to the no-nonsense go-getting British girl. Are we a little bit suspicious that a proportion of French womanhood French neither know nor particularly care about sophisticated sanitary protection? (You answer that, I would not like to stain the character of French women, especially when one in five are regularly stained anyway). Basically would the advert be so effective if it was “1 IN 5 FRENCH WOMEN ARE REGULARLY LET DOWN BY THEIR SANITARY PROTECTION”?