Grand conspiracy theory I know, but finally in the recent Peter Jackson production of King Kong I HAVE PROOF. See below:

Proof 1: There is snow everywhere. In particular Central Park is so cold that an iced over lake is strong enough to support the weight of a cavorting flirting giant ape*.

Proof 2: Night lasts about one hour. Kong breaks out of the theatre during his show, and it is dark. Bearing in mind that theatre shows, even in the 1930’s, always started before midnight, the latest this show could be was perhaps a late show at 11pm. He goes on a quick rampage and finally comes across his true love. After a quick cavort on the frozen lake, its time for a quick run up the Empire State Building. By the time the planes shoot him down, the sun has risen. Therefore night time is less than two hours long, suggesting a much more northerly position for New York.

*It may be suggested that it cannot be THAT cold, as Naomi Watts seems happy with said cavorting in a diaphanous skirt. To which I counter that any woman who is seemingly impervious to the kind of whiplash injuries she ought to have sustained on Skull Island can certainly put up with a bit of cold.