The new quiz season at the Three Compasses started last night. This is a twelve week season, unlike the six week one which we walked just before Christmas. And out team is understrength, having lost members to the 21st century malaise that is traveling. Nevertheless I am sure quiz regulars hearts must have sunk a touch when they realised we were back. And were probably heartened when we not only came second last night, but two teams came joint first.

Well on our stewards enquiry, down with pencil and paper on the table, I have to disabuse them of this fact. After three rounds we had thirteen points. In the next three rounds we picked up twenty five. The winning score was thirty five, we were given thirty three, we actually got thirty eight.

But did we whinge, did we moan? No. Firstly we had already picked up a bottle of wine as a spot prize. And secondly, we are in this for the long run. Two teams have shared victory, so they will return knowing that we are beatable. And hopefully they will return week after week paying money in that we should regularly clean up. Just call me a hustler.

Oh, and I’d go back anyway at the moment as they have a fantastic coriander ale on.