Casual flipping in the morning is unavoidable when BBC Smugfast is doing a story on a cat having open heart surgery and GMTV is having a hard hitting Detox Diet Scambusting yawnarama. So you are tired, and your brain has not woken up yet. Still, this is no excuse for the day-glo filth thrown at us in the form of Lazy Town on BBC2.

I cannot describe Lazy Town, because really the only way to understand this hyper-energetic creepfest is to watch it. But I have put a warning above, as every five second burst of it I catch disturbs me to such a degree that I feel physically ill. Why not go to the Lazy Town site, where there are videos to disgorge yourself with. I believe the aim of the show is to make kids do more exercise, though how they do this with a pinkhaired girl, lots of unpleasant rubber puppets and strange men with stick on chin-prostheses leaping around I don’t know. Perhaps it encourages you to run away from the screen.

That said, I can’t help but be drawn to it for these five second chunks of “WTF”-itude. And this morning I was treated to a hi-energy (everything in the show is hi-energy but I am talking about the music here) song which would make Scooter sound sluggish. The perfect program to pair with Extra-Sugar Frosties with Glucose Power Rocks in it. For the rest of us, it’ll burn out your retinas.