Buses around London have started advertising a new Lassie pic. I have no problem with that, she is a perennial old dog and there is no point teaching her new tricks now. Redeem a young child, rescue kids from the well, capture bad guys almost certainly played by an ugly British comedian. You get the picture.

Except that the posters, for some reason, replace the I in Lassie with a small child. Fine, this is the kid whose love will conquer all. But he doesn’t look like the letter I, and the spacing is all off on the poster. So what you actually read is Lasse. Now why anyone would want to make a biopic of Lasse Hallstrom I don’t know. His is a patchy “grown-up”=sappy directing career at best. And why would they put a dog on said poster?

Unless the dog is a reference to My Life As A Dog, his first big international hit. Sometimes, it all makes sense.