Actually. I told a slight porkie below. There is one film which could be said to be in the Pink Panther canon which I have a degree of fondenss for. And that is Inspector Clouseau. A rarely seen entry into the series where Clouseau is sent to London to capture a rogue French Bomber (handily called Bomber LeBec) it is notable for bearing very little relation to the rest of the films, and for its usefulness in pub quizes. Truely Alan Arkin is the David Niven of the Pink Panther films (except David Niven is the David Niven of the Pink Panther films, though clearly what I was trying to say is that just as David Niven was James Bond in the Oscar nominated Casino Royale (as was Peter Sellers) not considered Bond canon, then Alan Arkin’s Clouseau might not be considered Pink Panther Canon – if such a ridiculous idea really existed).