I won’t add to the general goodwill flooding towards Miranda July’s indie flick, Me And You And (A Dog Named Boo) Everyone We Know, except to say that it really is that nice. And it is a nice film where lots of kids are being very sexual. It is in many ways like a happy version of a Todd Solenz movie. We understand the peril of a seven year old meeting up with the person he has been having explicit conversations with on the web. Do we need to see an abduction, or just accept he got lucky with his online sexual predator (drippy museum curator who is near horrified at the person she had been flirting with). But this sequence, and the blow job sequence, are explicit about the so called innocence of children in these sexual situations. Kids are interested in sex. But unlike Solenz, July finds their potential fumblings in the area not so much a cause for horror, or creepiness, but almost sweet and funny. The edge of danger is there, but July reminds the adult sexual viewers, that they were once crap at this too. Indeed it is interesting to see that the adults in the film have the most trouble with relationships, the kids get on with it.

Also: E-mail would not have happened without AIDS: Discuss.