What was most interesting about the big screen Dukes Of Hazzard was exactly how unambitious it was. Granted they had more money than the TV show ever did, so there were a couple (and only a couple) of big stunts. But the humour, the plot and the characterization, was not a step up from the series. And the series got to build the relationships between the cousins, Uncle Jesse, the bad guys.

Actually, thinking about it, what exactly WAS the Dukes Of Hazzard, the TV series, about? Yes there was a moonshine operation (is alcohol illegal in Georgia still?), yes there was dastardly Boss Hogg on the make. But beyond that was there really enough to hang four series on, and really enough reason for those endless car chases. That a motivation free, plotless TV series becomes an equally lackluster film is not the issue (good car chases are still fun, and the enjoyment is just in ticking the boxes of the recreation). But then if any more ambition had been crammed into the film, it would have stopped being The Dukes Of Hazzard. Caught short by its own premise.

And they still haven’t caught Richard Marx I see.