Two things you would never think would go together. Nokia have recently had their 15 second film competition, with a special section for films made on camera phones. But they aren’t the only people at it. In what appears to be a response to their previous high budget “Cancelled” campaign (wow, kid is like Britney, how lucky – oh, hold on she isn’t cos she was actually run over) comes this new very lo-fi campaign. As is standard for road safety campaigns now, the shock tactics are still there. But this is an attempt to try and bring it down to street level, to mock-up what might actually happen.

But is this ad saying that fannying around with camera-phones is more of a distraction? Probably not, but it might be read that way. Equally how will it hold up to repeated viewings (the pretty in pink line sounds like it might get derided quickly). How, after all, do you advertise not to getting run over to kids?

Maybe we want to go back to a quieter age, of Tufty and the Green Cross Code Man/Robot. It would be interesting to see Dave Prowse in a modern car advert/ The car comes out of nowhere and slams into Green Cross Code man, and crumples next to his huge, Darth Vader body. That’ll learn ’em.

In the meantime, the search for the camera-phone feature film continues. I bet it will be made by Mike Figgis.