This joy was specifically to mop up films I had never seen from – ahem – the canon so I feel more confident when I slag them off/talk anout them. Note, that is more confident, I can currently slam down a nicely nuanced argument about why One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is a skewed portrait of mental illness happier to be used as a weak lemony squash satire, still having not seen it. A skill picked up from having a slightly earlier bedtime than friends at school, I am embarrassed by it and should stop it.

Which means I should watch the damn things.

But who is going to get Interiors out of the video shop when you can get the most recent Woody Allen film (answer, most people SHOULD). So I have been flicking through Woody’s back-catalogue, dipping into more rarefied arthouse territory and finally getting round to seeing the Three Colours Trilogy. In the wrong order (one thing they have to sort out with LoveFilm).

It also means, that having seen Interiors and Broadway Danny Rose in the same week I saw Melinda And Melinda I have a good grasp on Woody in serious and comic modes. And in Melinda & Melinda, he was in neither.

I have Nothing Sacred in my bag to watch on my flight later today. There is surely a joy of DVD rental.