the full title for the 1965 peter cushing/dr who movie shd be dr who and the daleks: WHICH IS BIGGEST IDIOT????!?. The first thing the Doctor says in the Dalek city is “Let’s all go different ways and meet up here!” GOOD PLAN DOC!! And the Daleks are here just discovering all the um non-trivial design defects everyone’s now been laughing at for 40 years, but they are clearly also REALLY OUT OF PRACTICE with enemies and intruders and sensible housekeeping rules for keeping prisoners IN their cell etc etc.
Nevertheless if you wanted to turn it into a full-on Galactic Stupidity Competition, then first prize (by some way) goes to the THALS — at one point one of them says (roughly) “Years ago the Daleks destroyed our race and reduced this planet to a poisonous cinder but there’s NO REASON NOT TO TRUST THEM NOW!”

Runner-up is the scriptwriter’s LOGIC TUTOR: at one point a Thal says “The Daleks call US monsters!! So think what THEY look like!!” Ans = less monstrous than you? (of course the Thals are silver-haired fops who spend their entire time looking in little broken bits of mirror – luckily for the Doctor’s plan! A plan which turns out to be BIZARRELY INEFFECTIVE!!)

roy castle as unwatchably unfunny “comedy relief” male lead at least teaches us to put up with cushing’s phone-it-in doddery whimsy (“I’ll take Hartnell’s basic shtick and make it CUTE instead of GRUMPY!”) But this Susan – a lot younger in the movie than in the tv series – isn’t totally awful, if only bcz she’s smarter and braver than her grandad (and everyone else), and FURIOUSLY ANGRY with all grown-ups (including her agent).

The non-bright-idea highpoint comes when two Daleks are required to stop shouting curt orders at offworlders and instead to explain at length the history of their own planet to one another, ONE-SYLL-AB-LE-AT-A-TIME. As you might imagine, this takes several minutes.