Crubbish more like.*

A light, family friendly “comedy” about the culture clash between and Mexican maid and the quirky Los Angeles white family she works for. For which read reductive, manipulative and misogynist pseudo-entertainment which unfortunately Adam Sandler decided to make his most nuanced acting performance. His pussy whipped superstar chef is a pretty well drawn picture of a man in crisis. Unfortunately Tea Leoni gets to play his even more neurotic wife which is a character written do badly that you would think her one-dimensionality would render her nigh on invisible. And the end result, the moral: er – people fuck with people and fuck about with people and if you get ideas above your station, you might lose the moral high ground of poverty. Youch!

*Alternative portmanteau words passed over for this not very good joke include Shrubbish (too much like horticulture), Sharbage (described Shirley from Garbage too well to be used for any other purpose) and Shap.