The Duke Of Cambridge on St Peter’s Street in Islington prides itself on being an organic gastropub. Perhaps prides is not strong enough. Puffs itself out with so much self satisfaction about absolutely everything being organic that it appears to exist in some sort of parallel universe where oxygen has been replaced with snugness and the staff are taking big gulps.

I’m not saying the St Peter’s Organic Ale was not one of the tastiest pints I’ve had this year. I’m also not arguing with the provenance, live-biocultures and tongue zinging quench of the cider I had there (no name remembered unfortunately). But it is the kind of place that gives Islington a bad name for back slapping. Witness: next to the organic gins, vodkas and whiskeys on the back bar is a small chalk board sign.

“All of our food is organic and source from environmentally friendly suppliers. Except the fish which cannot be certified organic. We do try and buy the fish from nice people though.”*

*Whilst I have presented this as a quote, it is note. It does nevertheless retain the spirit of smugness that pervades the pub.

Pumpkin Publog