oliphaunts vs mumins: WHO WILL DIE?

in the interests of havin a social life clearly mumin wins, in the sense that to watch 10 hours-worth* of DVD-mumins IN GERMAN at starry’s house w.various pals = bettah than stayin in and watchin ep3 of the new series of time commanders by myself (haha tho everyone i know who = not at starry’s txted me to say OLIPHAUNTS AHOY!!)

anyway as others will perhaps discuss, we got to compare the eng-lang vs germ-lang broadcast versions (communal conclusions: germ-lang = much longer eps w.langorous dwellin on scenery detail, less quirky/annoying voiceover, fiddlier loungejazz S/T; eng-lang = more evocative music maybe, voiceoever-fella richard murdoch clearly wanted to be the new eric thompson (of eng-lang magic roundabout fame) and as a result provided snufkin w.a maddening cali-beatnik drawl a la dylan the rabbit and little my with the voice of a crazed little old posh lady)

i wz challenged to declare – aide from mere contrarian perversity hem hem – why i approved of the fact that the moominvalley party was stretched out over THREE NEARLY EVENTLESS (german) EPISODES despite the fact that the puppetshow moomintroll omits key characters (= the snork and the muskrat): the answer = this
i. this wz my favourite scene in ANY book as a child (though i never till now told anyone this), and
ii. when i stayed at dr vick’s mum’s house in saltash two years ago, dr vick’s brother’s kids threw a surprise moominvalley party for me, complete w.pancakes, paper lanterns and clifftop view of the sea – AND WHEN THE SUN WENT DOWN IT TURNED RUBY RED!! i don’t know how they did this last bit (the oldest = seven!) —- anyway this depiction of the party did not betray EITHER of these very excellent memories

*we did not complete this task