It’s that time of year…

When I find my journey into work tormented by a new batch of Lambrini ads, said by their website to “offer a real insight into the world of women”. But this Christmas, for once, the least funny advert on the Tube isn’t advertising a sickly pear booze. It’s advertising Ricky Gervase’s Politics DVD.

The ad shows the smirking face of Ricky in Che get up and the frankly baffling copy quote runs “If your surname’s Dumpty, don’t call your son Humpty…he probably jumped off that wall.”

I’m assuming this is a joke from the DVD. The poster is everywhere on the central London tube, and my reactions to it have run approximately thus:

“No, really, eh?”
“B-b-but nobody’s called Humpty?”
“Maybe I just don’t get it”
“Is it some kind of police brutality gag?”
“That can’t be the best joke on the DVD.”
“God, how many of these fucking posters are there?”
“Is it the way he tells it?”
“Oh Jesus, I’m going to have to blog it.”

So here we are. Share my pain – or attempt to explain – in the comments box please.