You cannot just film any old documentary, put it on screen and expect people to kow-tow to your factual genius. Nothing will kill the current trend of on screen documentaries than badly argued documentaries. In many ways this is why the personality led documentaries such as Michael Moore’s or Supersize Me have worked, as any flaws in their arguments can be linked to the person, rather than the form. Perhaps too connected to the person in Michael Moore’s case.

The Corporation is a disappointing film in this respect. Not celeb led (though stuff with lots of famous talking heads) its argument is delivered by a sultry voiced Canadian woman. However its actual argument is hard to define. Instead after a strong start it does devolve into “and one more bad thing about corporations”. A lot of the individual segments could heve been expanded, plenty could have been taken out. There is a good film, and a good documentary hidden inside the bloated excess of The Corporation. Which is frustrating.