TV Cream on Dr Who and Bonkbusters
The Cream repays revisiting from time to time. The new item on Bonkbusters is a little summary, though they do get them ALL in there, even Joan Collins (largely bonk-free) masterpiece “Sins”. The Dr Who “ten favourite small, beautiful events” is a fanatical and spot-on rant on details around the show – Children in Need, books, DVD extras. It’s never more spot-on than when enthusing about a particularly special moment on the show, at the end of the story Mawdryn Undead:

“At this point Paddy Kingsland’s incidental music swells from a harrumph of synth horns … into an overblown synthesized electric-guitar fanfare as the Doc and Turlough shake on it. At which point we cut to a space-ship blowing up and then the end titles come screaming in. Hooray! You see, everyone, that’s how it should be done!”