There are people who captive the screen. You can pretty much point a camera at them and an hour and a half later most people will think they have seen a proper film (this explains Samatha Morton’s career over the last couple of years). My Summer Of Love works primarily because it has two such people in it. Its lesbiotic coming of age tale is nothing new after all, equally its central theme about class, though well handled, is straight out of a sixties play for today. But Paddy Consadine shows yet again why British films like stuffing him in as a crazy Christian. The films big find however is Nathalie Press, as the working class Mona whose miserable face cracks into a georgeous smile and it does not really matter what she does. That the direction actually gives her real dilemmas is a bonus, but stuff her in a film and no matter how rub it is, there will be something to watch.