Do You See Derrida?

There is little to add to the excellent eulogy to Derrida over on the Brown Wedge here, except to note what a chump Ivan Massow is. Yesterdays G2 had a “What does Derrida mean to you article” to the not that great and the demonstrably not altogether good. (Maybe someone might want to mark these responses critically along the line.) Anyway, by far and away the most fatuous and chump-headed was the erstwhile ex-director of the ICA who said:

Who? I don’t know who you are talking about? I’m in a meeting with a group of City luminaries and none of them has heard of him. I can Google him for you if you are having difficulties.

That would be the Derrida the subject of whom a film was on during the last month of Massow’s tenure? The film, by the way, is on at 4:30pm for the rest of this week at the ICA too.