Day of Scooby!!

So I was channel flicking last night when I saw Scooby’s All Star Laffalympics was on Boomerang. Now, this programme has been discussed (along with animalympics of course) quite a lot recently, so I was keen to see how it stood up. Of course, as with all late 70s/early 80s hanna barbera the animation was shoddy as hell, but what I found most odd was the fact that the episode was set in BAGDHAD with lots of happy smiling iraqis judging the competitions (magic carpet flying and indian rope trick climbing as it goes). What I had forgotten about the show was quite how many Z-list characters were in laffalympics. The Dalton Brothers? Blue Falcon?? Captain Caveman didn’t even get a look in, although the Scoobie-Doobies did win out over the Yogi-Yahooies and the Really Rottens in the end, which is good as they were the ones I always supported as a child (my sister was pro-yogi). All sorts of scooby-related episodes here (it looks like the movie you saw wasn’t the most obscure either, Pete)