FT Top 100 Films

Best James Bond film ever! This may well be contentious but when you think of all the scenes in it, you have to admit it has it all:

The jet-pack!
Pussy Galore
The attack on Fort Knox
The fight on the Cable Car with Jaws
That great ski-fight at the begining with the Union Jack parachute
Bonds remote control car
Those two gypsy women fighting around teh camp fire
That creapy Tarantala on Sean Connery’s chest
Oddjob and his murderous bowler hat
Three nipples – urgh!!!
A submarine eating submarine
James Bond flirting with Moneypenny
The henchman who gets hit be the compressed air dart and explodes
The Aston Martin, fully equipped with ejector seat*
That scary Baron Samedi with his voodoo juju
The helicopter vs motorbike fight
Shirley Eaton painted gold (skin suffocates you know)!
Ursula Andress coming out of the tide in that bikini
Halle Berry ditto
Jumping the car across the river and spinning it at the same time
Bond’s face when he gets locked in the steam cabinet
Grace Jones beating the shit out of James
Xenia Onatopp’s deadly thighs
“No Mr Bond – I expect you to die”

Yep, Goldfinger is the best James Bond film EVER!

*So that the tiny model of James Bond will be hidden under your sofa