2: Catwoman Poster

It is a sure guarantee that an overdesigned poster often leads to a lousy film. Why I remember the poster for The Avengers with Uma Thurman poured into a nice sturdy catsuit with the tagline “Saving the world in style”. They missed out the world rubbish int here somewhere. Still at least Thurman was in a catsuit, an item of clothing named after the character who would wear it. Catwoman. Which makes the current Catwoman design of ripped pants and a few belts even more nonsensical.

Is it any wonder that people think the Catwoman movie is crap? I?ve not seen it but judging by the adverts there is a good reason people might associate the Halle Berry starrer with fecal matter. Have you seen the pose she?s in on the posters? Spider-Man is aloft in the canyons of New York swinging through the air unbound. In comparison Catwoman looks more egg-bound. I would suggest she take her leather kecks down before she has that crap, but judging the state of her trousers (and the reviews) its quite possible someone has ripped her a new arsehole already.