It has romance (for my Mum). It has violence (for my Dad). And it does not have much swearing in it.

At least that is what I thought when I left. I enjoyed it too for what it is worth. But then i remembered that Alec Baldwin only really has one line, repeated over, and over, in the film. “What the fuck?” Or as said in proper gangsterese “Whadafug?” Now I do not consider whadafug to be swearing, obviously as I consider this to be a good film for my parents. But is it? Can fug be distinticively pulled out as fuck to the degree that my mother will wince? I don’t know, but I am interested to try it out.

Oh, and yet another film where Maria Bello holds the film together with a cleverly understated performance. Couple this with plot wandering into the idea of people who are “naturally lucky” (liek Intacto last year) and it makes the whole film a real joy. But is whadafug swearing.