Some Fathers Do ‘Ave ‘Em or Troy.

So, I finally got round to seeing Troy, and the one thing that struck me was how much Paris came across as an ancient Frank Spencer. He was always getting things wrong, then trying to put them right and making things even worse. He even had the pretty wife (okay, someone else’s wife) who would forgive him everytime, I was really hoping he’d say “Oh, Helen”. The one time he did get something right, everyone ignored him, to their cost.

I felt sorry for poor old Hector, who came across as more put upon than heroic. Why didn’t anyone notice that Briseis was missing? Achilles’ Mermen (or whatever they were called) were like Sharpe’s Rifles – “it’s been an honour to serve with you sir”. I also liked how they used the same sad “you’re gonna die” music as they did in Gladiator.

Overall, there was way too much fighting, but I kinda enjoyed it.