Thanks to NTK for this preview:
‘… watch out for staffers largely escaping the blame in WHO KILLED SATURDAY NIGHT TV? (9.50pm, Sat, C4), a clearly rhetorical inquiry considering that very evening’s entertainment also offers cheery charity-athon BBC SPORT RELIEF 2004 (from 7pm, Sat, BBC1) and Woody Allen’s favourite Nazi occu-docu THE SORROW AND THE PITY (7pm, Sat, BBC4)….’
Love that ‘occu-docu’ but ‘TS&TP’ DOES make for a frictional comparison w/ ‘F*9/11’ so it IS good scheduling in that sense, and defo worth the four hours: look, heat has been boosting the *six-hour* ‘Best of Youth’ so the Ophuls marathon is EASILY do-able though obv DUD scheduling really, kthxbye.