SIDEBAR ADDITION: to Television Without Pity, formerly Mighty Big TV, formerly Dawson’s Wraps. It hosts such brilliantly bitchy and excruciatingly funny Dawsons Creek recaps that quite frankly, one doesn’t even NEED to read the show, and it’s Buffy recaps gave us all the phrase “Shiny McWhiney” for that little wench, Dawn – for that alone it deserves cannonical status. And even better, it meant you didn’t actually have to watch Dawsons yourself!!! I did, of course, and it was endless enriched by TWoP.

A lot of their current shows are US only, but I note there are OC recaps, Six Feet Under and the West Wing, for those of you who are that way inclined, I guess you might have E4 or something, I don’t stinking well have it do I, what do you think I am, MADE from money??

To see all shows recapped, go here. I’m about to start on the Angel recaps. Will someone buy me S2 on DVD?

Please? (Or S3 or S4 or S5 even, for to because I am a peon and kept missing them all in the channel change messups and the odd Five schedulings??)