Looking for an anesthetizing jab of teen-pop, I was drawn by Tom’s description of Smash Hits Radio like a kindly old man to a nursery. I don’t, however, “have digital,” as they say here in the UK (and as US people will no doubt soon be saying, that is, if the totally moribund radio networks there can rouse themselves from their drooling payola stupors long enough to get people interested in the radio again, or at least upgrade from the 1925 technology everyone’s used up to now) – so I looked online – so passé – and found the promisingly-titled “SmasHits Radio,” which turns out to be a comprehensive Indian pop music site with audio streams galore. Individual singers and film directors have entire “stations” dedicated to them, and it’s got hot Bollywood gossip like “Aamir to shave in August.” I keep wanting to listen to it in my car, but I keep forgetting I don’t have a car. Am I a loser? Say it ain’t so, Rani Mukherjee.