FT Top 100 Films
Anthony Easton says:
Debbie Does Dallas is happy. The blondes are happy, the people fucking the blondes are happy, the sunlight is happy, and the green grass is happy. Even with the cumming on faces seems nothing more sinister then licking lollipops.  It helps that the R Bolla’s schmuck of a grocery store clerk gets the blonde bimbo instead of the high school quarterback, wish fulfilment about the nature of high school romance being what it is. Maybe thats why Porky’s stole the locker room scene, and why Matthew Broderick watches it in Election–because of that desire for a certain kind of California Innocence that can be maintained mid-orgy, it isn’t something you see in Omaha or the Laurentians.
Pete Baran says:
Its not on the IMDB. At least you can’t search for it. If you go via R.Bolla (aka Robert Kerman) you can find it, and you can also find that hilariously Kerman played a tugboat captain in Spider-Man – another film all about ejaculating white goo. Debbie Does Dallas is all about the pom-poms. Oh, and the sex. But not so much about the sex that you don’t have to wait for it. Fifteen minutes, which may put some people off. But Debbie Does Dallas is about good sex, it gives you its foreplay (plot) and then gets down to business.