Brilliant People of Television1: Ptolemy Dean

I was quite pleased when Restoration came back to our screens last night. Now, yes it’s a good thing that old buildings are being saved and returned to their former glory or put to some new use. Though, sometimes I think things look better as ruins…

Anyway, the best thing about Restoration is Ptolemy Dean, a man completely devoid of cynicism and named after an ancient astronomer. Ptolemy and his pal Marianne visit the buildings that are potential restoration winners, and have look around. To Ptolemy everything is marvelous and wonderful, it’s great to see someone so enthusiastic about their work, I mean how excited can someone get about a hole where a wrought iron post would have been, or how a rug has a label? (Answer: VERY!) And to top it all off he paints a watercolour of the building, he’s like a cross between Tony Hart and Patrick Moore.

Okay, just wanted to give some props, now I must think of some more potential “Brilliant People of Television”.